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A huge of incredible men and women come together in September to detail, wash and prepare vehicles for the winter. Elderly couples on a fixed income, widows and single mothers are cared form, given some household essentials and a meal while their car is being serviced. It is a long, hard day but it is invigorating to come together and be the church for some many ladies who really need this service.

To see how you can get involved contact Chase Yarber.

This women's group is open to anyone who is interested in helping care for our church family and the church building. They meet on the 1st Sunday of every month at 5 pm. The group purchases gifts for families in need at Christmas, 1st time mothers and new brides-to-be. They also make t-shirt quilts for High School graduating girls that attend our church. 

For more information see Nicole Lindma.

Are you computer savvy? Do you play an instrument? Are you interested in singing a special or being on the worship team? Would you enjoy helping setting up the stage for Sunday morning worship? If you can say yes to any of these questions then this may be an excellent opportunity for you to get involved in our church family.

For more info on Tech Arts see Tim Miller and for worship see Eric Tripp.

We believe it is crucial for everyone who comes to our church, either as a visitor or a member, to feel like they matter. We want everyone to know that they are an important part of our family. This is the purpose of the Connections team. We reach out and connect. We pray for you and follow up on any needs you have. If you love people and have never met a stranger - then this team needs you!

Contact Eric Tripp if would like more information on helping with the Connections team.

We want to give Jesus our 100% in everything, including how we present our church building and our church in general. If you have a gift of design, like to organize, or take pride in how you care for God's gifts then this team needs you! This team strives to make sure that when some one walks in the door of our church - they know that we love Jesus and we welcome them to love Jesus with us. You can pitch in by contacting Chase Yarber.

Our mission never ends. The mission to reach everyone in the Mountain View and surrounding areas to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We continue to search for new ways to serve new people and spread the God's love to everyone we can. 

Interested in helping us serve Jesus by serving Mountain View, MO? Contact Randy Burner for more info.

First imp
Tech Worship
Car Care

In accordance to 1 Corinthians 12, we believe that everyone has been given special gifts and tools by God to use for his Kingdom. Using these gifts inside the church body allows us to be a more effective church, reach more people, and more effectivly disciple followers of Christ.

You can fill out a Spiritual Gift Survey, if interested in learning more about your spiritual gifts. Please use the church email,, when filling out the form. Someone will contact you with in the month to see how we can help you get involved an a ministry at Mountain View Christian Church

This church believes in the importance of children and youth. We invest in our future church through programs, teaching, special trips and retreats - but mostly with the time it takes to build relationships.

The Kids' Ministry is called "SPARKS" and includes the Wednesday night TEAM 4:12 program.

The Jr. High Ministry for 6th-8th grades is called, "IGNITE"

The High School youth ministry is called "FLAMES" 

CHECK THEM OUT HERE:  Youth and Children's

To get involved, contact Wes Marriott or Lindsay Crouse.


All staff and volunteers are required to participate in a Child Protection class, have a background check and
additional training while an active part of our Children and Youth Ministry.

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