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Next Steps

We are so excited about your journey and relationship with Christ! If you're not sure where to start, see if one of the options below resonates with you!

Woman in church wearing a face mask and

Visit a Worship Service

The first step can seem like the hardest. Visiting a church can be very overwhelming. Let us know you are coming so that

we can help take the stress out

of your first visit.


Contact the Staff

If you haven't contacted the

staff after a few visits, please do so. It's hard for the staff to make a meaningful connection with visitors on Sunday mornings, and we'd love to get to know you!

people laughing and talking outside duri

Join a Discipleship Group

Sunday morning Worship is all about just that. We only have a bit of time to visit, but if you really want to get to know our church family, a Discipleship Group is the perfect place.

Image by Logan Moreno Gutierrez


Being baptized is a vital part of your relationship with Jesus

Christ and salvation. If you have not been immersed we would

love to discuss this with you!

Image by Lawrence Crayton

Become a Member

If you feel like MVCC has become like a second family, we would love for you to become a member.

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Live Like Jesus

Baptism is only the beginning of your relationship with Christ.

Each day begins a new day to become more like Christ.

Serving others as Jesus did is one part of that process.

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